Monday, March 3, 2008


We just got home from our Mexican Riviera Cruise and it was AWESOME!!! This was the first cruise that Lance and I have gone on together. Lance was just like a little kid in a candy store....he was a lot of fun. We've spent the last 9 days in 70-90 degree weather and we most certainly were not looking forward to coming home to snow! This is a picture at the beach in Puerto Villarta..isn't it beautiful?!!!
We also visited Cabos and Mazatlan, but Puerto Villarta was definitely my fav!

Here is a pic of our "cruise crew". From left to right....Holly, Rich, Lisa, Aaron, Lance, me, Scott, and Casey. They were a blast to cruise with. Thanks guys! This pic was taken after the guys had a basketball shoot-out while us girls cheered them on at the sidelines.

Before we boarded the Dawn Princess cruise liner, we spent a couple of days visiting Brady and Christina in San Diego. We visited Balboa Park, shopped at the outlets, and ate...and ate...and ate some more. This pic is of Lance and I at Balboa Park. This park is a whole whopping 13 square miles. It was huge!

San Diego is BEAUTIFUL!! It was a great chance for me to practice using my new camera. I took this pic of these pretty flowers right outside of Brady's house. It had just finished raining, hence the rain drops on the flower petals.


spenceandcass said...

That last pic of the flower is great! You are really getting good with that camera.

spenceandcass said...

May I put in a request? I would like to see a picture of the lovely sand sculpture that Lance made on the trip.....Thanks.

Monica said...

Great pics guys...Nat your getting way good with the camera! I would like to see the sand castle that Lance made too...haha!! I am glad you guys had fun!