Monday, March 10, 2008

CABO 'Lover's Beach'

This was our first stop; the famous Lover's Beach at Cabo San Lucas. My first thought was, Cabo.....crystal clear water....beautiful beaches right?! As you can see...very, very, dark water...which was the water all of the crew wanted to scuba dive in......with sharks (of course no one thinks of this but me). Don't get me wrong, the beach was beautiful, just dark, very dark water.
So all of us jumped into this fancy glass bottom boat (and you would have had to be there to realized what an over statement fancy was); anywho, what a great pic huh? Our tourist, Ziggy, took us around Lover's Beach to show us the sites; I couldn't get enough! Among many of the arches, this one was definitely one of my favorites.

This was another site we were able to see; a large number of seals relaxing on the rocks. I was quite surprised at how close we were able to get; however, what an odor these thing give off.....even worse than Lance after passing a few. I think out of the crew, I tolerated the smell quite well; I've become immune to horrible smells, what can I say (thanks babe, love ya for that).
(you would have to know lance to know what I'm talking about)

Cabo had some of the largest waves I had ever thought possible. I mean, you see large waves on movies, but in real life? These were massive! And get this, this wave wasn't even at its peak, and was right off of the shore line. People would get creamed by these waves, and not on purpose, which made it quite funny. I think I have more pictures of other people than the people we were with because they would keep getting wasted by these waves. It was good entertainment...and good picture taking at that!

I thought this picture was hilarious! Lance is on the left of the picture, and Rich on the right. Here Lance is attempting to part the funny is this?! Lance is such a fun person to vacation with, like a kid in a candy store. He definitely makes the vacationing exprience an interesting one.
Quick story: My fam, Lance, and I vacationed in Missouri a few years ago, and we were out doing things the whole day, every day, from morning until like midnight.....well one night in particular we were driving home and Lance states, "dude, so what are we gonna do now?" We all started laughing and said...uhhh go to bed! He doesn't sleep!!! To make a long story short, Lance was pretty upset, ordered pizza, and fell asleep watching tv on the couch.. I said, kid in a candy time for sleep...
We love ya lance, you wear us out, but we love ya.

Here is Lance running his little heart out....lovin' every minute on the beach!
(as you can see all of these pics are of lance, cause I'm the one 'taking' the pics. It's a good thing he looks so awesome in those pictures!)

Lance, again, taking such an amazing go lance, what a great pose!
(I had to catch him off guard, becuase he would never pose like this on purpose)
....isn't this such a cool picture of the ocean...maybe I just don't see the ocean enough!


spenceandcass said...

I think that your husband is the one person on this planet that is stinkier than mine.

Jessica Reeves said...

Hey Natalie,

I found your blog through Monica's. It looks like you guys had such a great vacation! I am so jealous! It is so fun to see pictures of you guys and see what you're up to since we don't see you guys very often. Tell Lance hi!

Jessica Reeves (Lance's cousin)

spenceandcass said...

Cute picture of you by the ocean. You look HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lance and Natalie! I found your blog through Jessica's. Small world isn't it? I'm so jealous about your trip, it looks so amazing! I guess we can keep in touch through blogging because we never see you guys!

Lynley said...

Oh that is SO beautiful!

Monica said...

I love the pic where Lance is running on the beach...SEXY!! I love of the pictures...beautiful!

Tash said...

awesome photos!!!